Tie-dye Lord Scum logo above possessed eyes with swirling red pupils.

4/20 Album Release Ritual 2017 (Extended)

Algaenon holding his guitar straight up towards the ceiling.
An alien with an orange head that looks like its brains are on the outside!
Oozerus playing bass within the mosh pit!
The legendary Stankor appears through the smoke...
Land Philth entranced in his drumming ritual.
A Minion of The Deepest One lights the pipe of holy herb.
An illustrated flyer with a green-fleshed, horned demon performing a ritual over a campfire littered with bones.
Lord Scum posing with a Minion of The Deep One with a shirt that reads 'Lord Scum owes me smokes.'

2016 Ritual

When there is no one else to sacrifice...

Grumpy's, Falmouth
An illustrated flyer for a live Lord Scum versus Pond Scum show. Lord Scum is lurching forward as Skuzz, the partymecium, and Ameebarf, his amoeba pal, fly by on a rocket surf board! Lord Scum performing live. Algaenon closes his eyes while incanting into the microphone, guitar in hand. Oozerus gazes directly into our souls, looking cool in his denim vest.
A skeleton lays resting on a bed of neon moss, bong in hand.